Internal and External Factors of Walmart

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Walmart Delphine Jackson MGT/230 March 16, 2015 Douglas Howard Walmart Walmart is a large international discount chain that was created by it owner Sam Walton in 1950 in Bentonville, Arkansas ("History of Walmart", n.d) Walmart was built on a foundation of integrity and our board members and company leaders bring our values to life every day as they serve customers and shareholders. They believe in operating their business with the highest of ethical standards, and their Global Ethics ensures we sustain our cultural of integrity. Sam Walton decided a store from Luther E. Harrison and thus the first 5 &10 store was born to the town of Ozark Mountain, Arkansas, this would ultimately become the headquarters for what would become the world’s largest discount retailer. To be considered an effective manager, you need to set forth and use the four functions of management. There are external factors that could affect Walmart and these are out of their control. These factors include unemployment rate and the labor market. Unemployment rate and the labor market status cannot be factors because Walmart can only hire base on their need, but if they discharge an employer, they become part of the external problem. Supply and demand of products that consumer no long desire is out of Walmart control they cannot make the public chose their product. Legal matter can affect Walmart in a negative manner and this will affect the demand of their products as well. Society and Political factors can externally affect Walmart because society as a whole make or break any company. If Walmart become part of a political scam, this too will affect Walmart. Environment has an immediate impact on the organization, such as a new competitor. New legislation taking affect may have a great impact. Globalization Leadership is affected by globalization because American has

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