Intergenerational Practice Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 2 INTERGENERATION Introduction The Gateway Centre is a Northeast London based supporting organisation which specifically aims to assist youths and young male offenders under 21 to gain access to a range of services such as housing, education, counselling, employment and training. I have been requested by the Gateway’s Executive team to undertake an investigation into the feasibility of initiating an intergenerational project in conjunction with the Diamond Housing Trust and relative partners and funding organisations. Granville noted ‘to achieve the establishment of an Intergenerational Project and to achieve the greatest impact the project needs to be clearly identified. (Granville, 2002 p.9) Therefore, sound planning along with clear aims and objectives is need if the reverse effect is to be avoided. Aims and Objectives The core objectives of the IP project is to bring about the introduction and transference of generational skills from local retired trade workers to a younger generation which would then enable the young participants to develop life skills for long term employment. Through continued education and vocational training, they could then become qualified, gaining a skill for life and enabling them to support themselves financially which would also benefit the wider community. The Diamond Trust has a number of partners who are responsible for new builds and maintenance contracts. Where possible the young participants could also shadow and draw on the expertise and experience of tradesmen as they carry out gas, plumbing, electrical repairs and building construction depending on where their interest develops. Participants after qualified vocational and on-going training will now be in a position to assist local authorities in the ‘Diamond Trust’ Academy Scheme (which will be set up at a later stage in conjunction
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