Interesting Places In Malaysia - Johor Bahru Essay

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English Scrapbook Chapter 1: Good Times Together Interesting Places in Malaysia Johor bahru Johore, malaysia Names of group members: Yusuf Hamzah Mohd Anwar Muhammad Fawwaz Aqil Ahmad Fairuz Muhammad Syahir Ramli Teacher’s name: Mrs. Faudziah Abideen Class: 2 Mulia 2012 Contents Number | Contents | Page | 1 | Foreword | 2 | 2 | Introduction | 2 | 3 | Origin of the name ‘Johor Bahru’ | 3 | 4 | Location of the place | 4 | 5 | Governence | 5 | 6 | People of Johor bahru | 6 | 7 | Importance of Johor Bahru | 7 | 8 | Interesting places of Johor Bahru | 10 | 9 | Closing | 15 | 10 | References | 16 | | | | Foreword Firstly, we want to show our gratitude to God because He has gave us a plenty of time to make this scrapbook. As we know, God is the root of everything. Secondly, we want to give our gratefulness to our English teacher, Mrs. Faudziah Abideen because of her knocking down teaching us how to make a proper scrapbook. Thirdly, we want to display our appreciation to our parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mohd Anwar Ishak, Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad Fairuz and Mr. and Mrs. Ramli to give us opportunity to use his/her electronic items such as computers, printers, etc. Fourthly, we want to illustrate our thankfulness to our friends that has given us many ideas and comments while doing this scrapbook. Lastly, we want to say a thank you so much to all peoples, teachers and friends that has helping us throughout the process of making this scrapbook. Mucho Gracias! Kamsahamnida! Introduction Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor in

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