Interesting Facts And Myths About Paul Revere

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1. Paul Revere was born on 1st January, 1735. He played an important role in the war against the British by serving as a messenger. He was also a part of the naval expedition, known as 'Penobscot Expedition' carried out during the 'American Revolutionary War'. Paul's father, Apollo Rivoire, came to Boston at the age of 13 years and became a silversmith. Apollo Rivoire changed his name to Apollo Revere. Before his death in 1754, he passed on his business to his son, Paul Revere. Paul's mother, Deborah managed the business for some years, as he was too young to handle it. He fought in the French and Indian War, also known as the 'Seven Years War' and returned back to Boston to look after his family business. Facts on Paul Revere's Midnight…show more content…
Paul Revere's ride till Lexington went on smoothly and he accomplished the task of informing Samuel Adams and the others; however, he couldn't complete the ride to Concord as he was caught by the British soldiers. 8. The British soldiers who captured Revere freed him as they had to hurry towards the Lexington Meeting-house after hearing gunfire. 9. Interesting Facts and Myths about Paul Revere The facts regarding the life of Paul Revere and his "Midnight Ride", were interpreted by different authors and historians in their own way. For most of the years until the 20th century, the poem written by Longfellow was considered to be an important evidence regarding Revere's "Midnight Ride". However, it later on became clear that, Longfellow, to some extent had exaggerated the original facts. Some facts that are commonly misinterpreted by people are as follows. 10. It was earlier believed that, Paul Revere successfully completed his ride to Concord. According to modern historians, the first phase of Revere's ride till Lexington was completed, while he was captured on his way from Lexington to Concord. 11. Another false belief about Paul Revere, is that he was the only rider to whom the task of delivering the message was assigned. On the contrary, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott were his associates for the

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