Interdisciplinary Team (Idt) Care Dynamics in Wound Care Management and the Nurse’s Role Within the Idt

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Interdisciplinary team (IDT) is a group of practitioners from different departments in a profession who join to work on a single objective. The different professionals in the IDT perform their distinct professional tasks which are in line with the overall planned result. The health professional’s agenda is for patients to get well; thus it is a responsibility of all the practitioners to contribute to the good health of the patient. Maria Borg is a 92 year old patient. She is diagnosed with pressure ulcers, while also suffering from diabetes and osteoarthritis. The IDT team that was involved in her treatment comprised of medical officer, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, incontinence and tissue viability nurse, nutritionist and the nurse. The medical officer reaches a medical diagnosis and prescribes the medical treatment necessary. The use of supportive tools to the patient such as walking aides, use of pillows to sleep on and comfortable mattresses should be prioritized by the occupational therapist; depending on the case. This helps to prevent pain and reduce the probability of skin tear. In addition, the occupational therapist should help Ms. Borg with supportive tools to her heels to prevent the aggravation of the wound (Ousey, 2005). A physiotherapist could be involved to figure an exercise program mainly focusing on motion exercises to help work out Ms. Borg joints as well as the muscles. This makes ease her mobility and goes a long way to her recovery. Speech language therapist comes in to help diagnose and assess Maria’s swallowing problem and provide therapeutic measures to counter her degenerating condition. The speech therapist helps Maria by evaluating the oesophageal functioning to prescribe the best treatment, thus enabling the patient to ease her swallowing problems. The incontinent nurse helps Maria through prescribing the

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