Interdisciplinary Studies Essay

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Interdisciplinary Studies Henry Combs Jr Walden University Interdisciplinary Studies is a research process that is designed for a time such as it is in the 21st century. I believe that there is an entity that is acquainted with the needs of humanity and is able to meet the challenges at hand. Interdisciplinary Studies is not a discipline, but a study that uses perspectives from several disciplines to solve a problem. Within academia, “the term discipline refers to a particular branch of learning or body of knowledge such as physics, psychology, or history” (Repko 2012, P. 4). Interdisciplinary Studies is a broad reaching and encompassing research process. One definition we were given is Interdisciplinary Studies is an approach that uses perspectives from several disciplines to solve a problem. The single discipline approach is no longer able to solve the problems of our integrated world. The integration of disciplines, to me, is the inevitable process because of where modern communication and transportation has allowed us to come. They have allowed the world to be a community. We are all neighbors because of the benefits of modern technology. Each discipline has its own perspective on issues and its own method of solving a problem. This way of solving problems is no longer satisfactory or adequate because of the multiplicity and integration of cultures and traditions of the world today; “the problems confronting humanity today are of such magnitude and complexity that new approaches to address them are needed” (p. 32). Consequently, this environment gave rise to Interdisciplinary Studies. In our resources, we are informed that interdisciplinary studies arose because of three reasons. I believe they are justifiably true. The first is "the view that learning about or forming connections between fields of
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