Intercultural Theatre Essay

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Is intercultural theatre a positive or negative concept? Why? Intercultural theatre is a concept that concentrates itself around “theatrical attempts to bridge cultures through performance to bring different cultures into productive dialogue with one another” (Knowles, 2010, p.1). There is a diverse range of explanations for the term interculturalism and it is often disputed, and there are many opinions as to what the concept serves. Therefore, to be able to understand these different interpretations the term ‘interculturalism’ needs to be understood, and to do this I believe that the term ‘culture’ needs to be fully apprehended. ‘Culture’ has previously defined in Theatre & Interculturalism as “the fluid, day to day, lived realities of specific peoples in specific places and at specific times” however this definition relies on the assumption that this “only exists insofar as it is enacted, performed into being by the daily and (extra daily) ritual and performative activities of individuals and communities as they negotiate their place in the world” (Knowles, 2010, p.1). For this study this is the explanation of culture that I will use. Therefore, interculturalism happens when two or more different “lived realities” are combined and involved themselves in a “productive dialogue with one another” or for a more sound definition, Joanne Tompkins and Julie Holledge in Women’s Intercultural Performance define inturculturalism as “the meeting in the moment of performance or two or more cultural traditions” (Holledge & Tompkins, 2000, p.7) and for a wider view of the concept Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe argues that, “Intercultural theatre in the wide sense includes all theatre which clearly draws on, makes use of, refers, alludes to or aims at an exchange with at least one other culture” (Meyer-Dinkgräfe, 2001, p. 138) It is now, my job to discover whether this concept serves
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