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Intercultural Communication Strategies Essay

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Intercultural Communication Strategies DB
By: Veronica Buchanan
Colorado Technical University
July 21, 2011
Professor Makuch
When you are doing business with a different culture you should know some basic information about them. You should know what and what not to do when you greet other cultures, this will show them that you respect their culture beliefs. The most important thing that you should do before meeting with another culture is to do your research. Doing the research will help you know what a hand shake is, a nod, facial expression and how to establish relationships with government officials.
How should you handle the introduction, greeting, and handshaking?
When being introduced to a Chinese businessman, you have to know that this is very essential to having a business relationship. In China, there are two main principles about the order you have to follow. The first one would be gender, they first introduce the men to the ladies before introducing the ladies to the men in order to show respect towards the ladies. The second one is age and seniority. The way this is done, you have to introduce the people that are in the lower positioned to the higher positioned first. The reason this is done is to show respect towards the latter.  
Greeting and Handshaking
Before you start doing business with the Chinese you must know that they do not like doing business with strangers. It is always best to use someone that each party prefers, to communicate for them. So when you have your first greeting it should be a formal greeting, because this is what the Chinese prefer. Next, you should know their professional title. The Chinese liked to be called by their title then their name. Handshaking is a standard form of greeting, the Chinese has the tendency to shake hands longer. So when you shake their hands they may use both hands and if that should happen you should do the same thing.  
Proper Way to Exchange a...

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