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Intercultural Communication Paper By: Nicole Satow COM/360 Week 2 Mrs. Sherrie Madia In the following paper I will demonstrate an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy and I will also illustrate the lack of intercultural communication by clearly defining cultural patterns, theories, identity, and bias, between two cultures. For an example communication devices; such as communication foundations and taxonomies. The two cultures that we will be comparing are the United States and Mexico. We will also be covering two intercultural communication theories that need to be address and possibly resolve. The cultural patterns are broken down into four components; nature of beliefs, values, norms and social practice. The patterns of a culture create the filter through which all verbal and nonverbal symbols are interpreted and because all cultures have distinct beliefs, values, norms, and social practices, symbols do not have universal interpretations, nor will the interpretations have the same degree of favorability. In Mexico family is first priority where in the United States family is normally secondary to work. The way some one looks at how you dress and groom yourself set your social status in Mexico while in the United States apperance is secondary to Performance. From birth I remember being taught the differance between wrong and right, and the truth is absolute. In Mexico truth is tempered by the need for diplomacy, What does that say about Mexico’s ethics? The United States and Mexico use Personal Communication Devices (PCD) to communicate within and outside the border. References Lauring, J. (2011). Intercultural Organizational Communication: The Social Organizing of Interaction in International

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