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Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Angela Wilmer Cultural Diversity/SOC315 November 9, 2009 Dr. Susanne Nishino Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Intercultural communication examines how people of different cultural backgrounds attempt to communicate and improve communication with each another. In the workplace, employees from different cultural backgrounds must learn how to develop and maintain good working relationships. Companies interact with a very diverse group of people when providing services with customers, working with employees or contracting with providers, vendors and suppliers. Knowing how to communicate with this diverse group becomes key to the company’s success. This paper will describe a scenario in which intercultural communication was an issue. I will describe the context, players and outcome as well as provide strategies to prevent the issues from reoccurring by paving the way for more effective communication. I worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ from 1982 to 2002. During the last 7 years, I worked for the Medicaid/Medicare HMO as the Director of Provider Relations. Most of the employees in this subsidiary were African American or Hispanic. This was because many of the employees were once Medicaid recipients. We hired people who were on public assistance because they could better identify with the population of people that we serviced. This included their behavior patterns in accessing health care. My department was responsible for resolving provider enrollment and claim issues. Of the 11 employees in my department, 5 were Provider Relations Representatives, 4 were claims system specialists, and 2 were clerical. Julio, a Hispanic Provider Relations Representative was responsible for visiting participating providers in the Northwest region of the State. Julio was a native Peruvian.

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