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Name: __________________________Period: ____ The Road to U.S. Involvement in World War Two Interactive Timeline Activity Directions: This activity will have you review and chart the major events that lead to World War II in Europe and eventual involvement of the United States in the war. Review the questions in the columns below for the information you need to document. You will use and interactive timeline website to complete this assignment. You may type directly into this document but maintain the font/font size. Be neat and organized in your work. (1) CLICK HERE to go to the interactive timeline. (2) Read the introductory directions FIRST and then click on the Europe link. (3)Follow this simple actions needed to answer questions…show more content…
| |President Roosevelt asked Congress for more than half a | | |He insisted that the city of Danzig, be returned. | |billion dollars in new military expenditures. This | | |He demanded that Germany be granted the right to | |spending would go toward all the branches of the armed | | |construct roads and railways to East Prussia | |services. The president made a point of telling Congress| | |The Polish government refused to consider these demands, | |that he had no intention of going to war, but that the | | |leading to fear of war. | |nation needed to be prepared for any eventuality.
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