Interaction Framework Essay

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Interaction Framework Part 1: Framework is a structure. (Heim, 2008) The structure can be anything from the United States Constitution to the programming (the framework) of a video game. It is the “conceptional structure” of certain ideas, principles, or rules. (Bing Dictionary) An interaction framework is the description of the way we as humans interact with computers; the human-computer interaction study. Frameworks help with the design process and help identify potential problem. (Heim, 2008) The interaction framework breaks the interaction into four main mechanisms (system, user, input, and output) and two phases (execution and evaluation). Part 2: The device I chose to evaluate is my touchscreen device in my center console of my 2013 Dodge Dart. The primary function of the device is the entertainment and central control of everything inside the vehicle. The center console controls the music, the climate control, the navigation, my phone calls, and even can control whether the day time running lights are on. From the touchscreen, one can change what service the drivers are listening to, be it satellite/FM/AM radio, CD, Ipod, or blue tooth connected device. It can also change the volume, change the station, change the song, etc etc. The climate control is the same, being able to change from heat to air conditioning and all of the other options available normally with regular knobs in older vehicles. The phone feature uses blue tooth to sync to my cell phone and I can make phone calls using this feature. All of my contacts are uploaded to the screen and I just have to press one of them to call. Also of these features can be activated using voice controls. The touchscreen features are really easy to use. One must just press on the button to change the station, turn up the heat, etc. I have never had any issues with the system and every time I use it, it
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