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Interactions 1-1 The setting of this interaction was a care home for elderly residents, as I sat eating my lunch I decided to take this opportunity to write notes in order to complete a 1-1 interaction task. There were two elderly residents sitting on the table opposite me drinking their tea – they sat opposite each other, one lady and the other a man, the position of the table allowed me to listen to both the dialect and also see their actions, postures and facial features. At first they seemed to ignore one another as though they were just used to one another’s company and just wanted to sit peacefully, listening to the classical music that was coming from the radio. They both swayed their heads to the music and had a gentle smile on their face. The woman had her eyes closed which shown me that she was engrossed in the sound of the music. Without any warning the gentleman abruptly stood up from his seat and started rambling to the woman at a fast pace. At first the woman creased up her face and edged her ear closer to him, over the table as though she was trying her best to understand what he was saying. After a couple of minutes I could see she was slowly starting to become irritated as she was beginning to back away from him while shaking her head in annoyance. The man was walking increasingly closer to her and soon he was very much in her personal space. He started to use hand gestures to explain what he was saying, although what he was saying did not make any sense as he was mentally ill. I could see that he did not mean her any harm with the gentle way he spoke but she was beginning to become very irritated and also fearful as she quickly jolted her body away from him she also winced her eyes. She finally told him to go away and sit down back in his chair but this only made him think that she was trying to interact back with him and he started rambling

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