Interacial Marriage Essay

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Some time ago, I read Steve Sailer’s theory concerning the disparity in rates of interracial marriage, i.e. why more black men marry white women than white men marry black women, and why more white men marry Asian women than Asian men marry white women. Sailer puts it down to biology, and, using his statistical expertise demonstrates that body fat percentages form a continuum from least in blacks to middle in whites, and then most in Asians. As in many of Sailer’s explanations, the numbers work out very well. However, I think there is something else going on that influences interracial marriage rates more than the simple matter of physique and body composition. Although there are definitely physiological differences between the races, social differences have the most weight in matters such as marriage, divorce, family creation and lifestyle. In no race is there as sharp a divide between the genders in terms of educational achievement as there is between black women and black men. Among whites, the achievement gap has been growing for some time but is still significantly lower than it is in blacks, and in Asians the genders are nearly even. Furthermore, we see that black men fare poorly compared to black women on a number of other indices, such as life expectancy, where black women outlive black men by seven years, while white women outlive white men by only five, and incarceration rates, where black men are imprisoned at six times the rate white men are, while black women are only 3.5 times more likely to be in custody than white females. Divorce rates are also different by race, being highest among blacks, followed by whites and finally Asians, who have the lowest rate. In fact, black men have largely given up on the idea of marrying black women at all, it being such a risky proposition. So if we look at the big picture, black men have it hardest

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