Intelligence Beyond Greed Essay

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Once upon a time, in a jungle away from here, there lived a lion. He was the only lion around. He was very proud of his posture and of his beautiful, brownish, shiny hair that made all the jungle jealous. He was the only lion. He ruled. He was the supreme animal in that jungle, and he liked to be so. One day, another young lion arrived the forest. He was beautiful, chest-nut coloured, brave and very cautious with others. The old lion did not like him at all. He was prettier, more intelligent, more charming more everything! And worst of all… the jungle animals liked him the best. They accused the old lion of being selfish and only looking at himself in the reflection of the water. Old lion was fed up. Wherever he passed he only heard “New lion is so helpful, today he climbed a tree to get bananas for mrs.monkey and her pups”, or “The new lion jumped into the water with crocodiles, and protected the family of ducks”. Something had to change. The old lion was determined. Old lion called the young lion to his cave. They spoke: - Good evening - Hello. My pleasure to meet you sir - Yes yes, I just cant say the same but it’s alright - Oh… - Anyway, I called you here because I have heard you like to help - Oh yes I do. - In the other side of the jungle, there are hunters. They have captured a small monkey. Can you rescue it? As the young lion heard this, he ran to the other side of the forest… but what he did not know was that it was a trap. The old lion knew there were traps along the way so he knew the young lion would fall in at least one. He felt very well. In the other side of the forest… …As the old lion predicted, the young lion was trapped in a net. A hunter came very quickly to see what he had caught, and he looked very surprised when he saw the lion. -you are perfect for me to take to the zoo. You must be worth more than 1000 bucks. - have

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