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Intelligence Intelligence is one of the many controversial concepts of psychology that embraces multiple theories, ideas and perspectives. Throughout generations multiple factors (mostly educational factors) have influenced society to believe that intelligence is only correlated to academic success. In the book, Exploring Psychology 9th Edition by David G. Mayer, the author explains that intelligence is in fact a broad concept with multiple perceptions that has been analyzed and expand by many psychologists during the course of the years. Such concepts like: “Gardner’s Eight Intelligences,” “Sternberg’s Three Intelligences” and the development of “intelligence tests” have been valuable to understand, categorize and develop important ways to measure intelligence (Pg. 333,334). Even though, many theories have been developed around intelligence it would be incorrect to ignore the main factor that makes intelligence a controversial subject: the correlation between genetic and environment with intelligence. Therefore, this essay will analyze that there are multiple environmental factors, including gender that influence general intelligence. In addition, this essay will consider how environmental factors impact the validity, reliability, and standardization of intelligence tests. Intelligence is often described as the primary way to measure academic success. When speaking about “intelligence” from a psychological perspective, it’s important to contemplate that developmental psychologists often describe intelligence as: “… the ability to learn from experience, solve problems and use knowledge to adapt to new situations (Mayer, 329),” but it is also important to mention that no official definition has been approved in psychology. Many factors influence the working definition of intelligence. For instance, many argued that experience (nature) is the main

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