How Does Intelligence Depends More On The Environment Than Genetic Factors

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“Intelligence depends more on the environment than genetic factors” According to Plato, “Knowledge is not given by the senses but acquired through them as reason organizes and makes sense out of that which is perceived.” Although the word “intelligence” has no single definition, it is universally associated with terms such as knowledge, mental capability, reasoning, judgment, imagination, cognitive function, and occasionally, adaptation. With numerous, continuing debates about intelligence, most of us wonder. Where does intelligence really come from? Is intelligence genetic? Or is it a result of environmental factors affecting intelligence. It include: modern media, education, breast feeding, pollution, nurture and parenting, natural culture, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illnesses, stress and diseases. See, there are many environmental factors that affect our IQ. It is easy for us to adapt in our environment. For example: what our friends do is what we are also doing. We are learning from others experiences and we can adapt easily to the new trends of our society.…show more content…
We can say that intelligence is genetic through psychological approach. Genetics potentially has significant contributions to psychology and other social sciences. First of all, genetic expression greatly affects the innate physiology and development of the brain. Second, individual differences in cognitive function and behavioral pattern are primarily caused by genetic differences. It has been shown repetitively through various approaches and methodologies, that genes do play a very crucial role on

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