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My top three intelligences after taking the intelligence questionnaire in numerical order are verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythm and interpersonal. My top intelligence with a score of fifteen is verbal/linguistic. My second and third intelligences actually tied with a score of fourteen. Having verbal/linguistic intelligence will help me be successful academically as well as professionally because I can understand what exactly is being verbally asked of me. Having linguistic intelligence means I have a natural knowledge and love for and of the spoken word. I can take in the directions given to me and be able to act. This intelligence also allows me to be able to express myself to others clearly and in ways they can understand. For example, at work when we begin new systems, I have to be retrained, it usually only takes one explanation for me to catch on. In school, the instructor can tell me what they are looking for and I can deliver. I’ve always preferred book work. Tell me what to do or read and let me go. I have always had a love of music and dance since I can remember. When I was younger my dad was a disc jockey, and I have liked most music, no matter the genre. As a kid I would sing things and even as an adult I tend to turn something, anything into a song or rhyme. Using a musical beat or turning something into song has helped me academically all of my life even now as a college student by helping me to remember things. Sometimes I even make songs out of an acronym or phrase. My interpersonal intelligence has been very helpful in my professional life. Having interpersonal intelligence means that I am good at understanding and interacting with others have to deal with a team of people working in a warehouse environment. Long hours and hot days can make people irritable and bring out the worst at times. Having interpersonal intelligence helps me defuse

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