Intelligence Essay

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Introduction With the world grappling with the increased criminal activities, intelligence becomes imperative. The term refers to the process through which a security agency collects, analyzes, and disseminates information. This type of information seeks to identify potential threats such as terrorists and assists the security agencies in taking proactive measures. Intelligence is both a process and a product. The process takes place in the field and involved collection, analysis and dissemination of information. On the other hand, intelligence as a product means the analyzed information, which can be consumed. However, before intelligence can be collected, the policy makers must give the direction. The policy makers focus on various issues including and not limited to the importance of such intelligence. The capacity and capability of such an agency to conduct intelligence process is also a major concern. Many countries such as United States contend with the cost of conducting such a process. It therefore becomes imperative for the policy makers to collect intelligence within their budgetary allocations. The following discussion deals with policy processes and intelligence. The policy makers and intelligence officers must work hand in hand to make the process a success (Richard 2005, p.87). The former need the information to implement various strategies meant to curb any criminal activities within the society. However, it is imperative to note that intelligence is normally kept a secret especially if it is sensitive. However, critics indicate that there is no need of keeping such information a secret especially if it has already been collected and analyzed (Walker 1999, p.67). At times, the intelligence is even kept a secret to the policy makers and this becomes hard to take necessary measures. There are various policy and intelligence processes that are involved

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