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Intellectual Unity Essay

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  • on January 10, 2012
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Modern Sciences and Arts University
Faculty of Art and Design

ENG 101
An Essay on
Elections in Egypt

By El Moataz Bellah Magdy Abd El-fatah Hamza

Submitted to
Dr. Islam

Fall 2011

Elections in Egypt

I. Causes of Elections in Egypt
A. Resignation of President Mubarak
B. Forming a new Parliament
II. Effects of Elections in Egypt
A. Democracy
B. New government
III. Egypt after elections
A. A new President
B. Better economy

Elections in Egypt
Egypt held Parliament elections in 2011. There are some causes and some effects of these elections. After the elections Egypt will be a democratic country. Its economy will be much better than before.
The first cause of elections that Egypt made in 2011 is that former President Hosny Mubarak resigned because all Egyptians said to him: "Go Away". The second cause was that the Parliament that was formed in 2010 when Mubarak was present was not a right one because the government cheated the people.
The first effect of 2011 elections is that Egypt will have democracy. Every government will stay for only 4 or 5 years. If the government is bad, or does not satisfy the people, it must leave immediately and a new government will come. This is democracy that was not in our country when Mubarak was President.
After elections, Egypt will have a new President that the people have chosen. The President should serve the people. The Parliament of 2011 can say to the new President "Go Away" if he is not good to the people. Also, after elections the economy will be better because none will be able to steal as before. All countries will be interested to invest in Egypt because of democracy.
Finally, the causes of 2011 are the resignation of President Mubarak and forming a new parliament. The effects of the elections are electing a new government and a new President. Egypt after the elections will have a better economy because it will be a democratic country.

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