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Módulo 1: Importancia Social y Ética 1.4 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY its all creation by human intellect, thus created by our own minds that are protected under the author’s interest. This are unique and original works such as, inventions, art, books, texts, process, firm or product names/logo creations. Intellectual property divides in to two categories: Industrial Property Author’s rights The author’s right is a jurudic term that decribes the granted rights for an author’s artistic or literary creations. The type of works covered by the atuthor’s right are: novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers, computer programs, databases, films, musical compositions and choreography, artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures, architectural works, advertisements, maps and technical drawings. The right an author has, including the author of a computer program, on each and every one of his works, and allows him/her to decide in what conditions this have to be reproduced and distributed. Although this right is legally inalienable, can be exercised as restrictive or as generous as the author decides. The symbol of this right is " © " . With this law the author has the right to reproduce copies of its works and creations. However copyright doesn't protect ideas. Is often violated by “informatic pirates”. This ones reproduce copies from the author and place them on the market at a lower price than the orginal price, therefore the demand for this “pirate products” increases. In most countries have made laws to protect copyright and intellectual property in order to prevent piracy. In Peru theres a large amount of piracy (movies, music, literature, clothing) which is trying to reduce by implementing these protection laws. For example, the Copyright Law in Bolivia,

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