Intel Swot Essay

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Intel SWOT analysis Strengths: Intel is one of the most valuable brands in the world. Because of all the effective and identifiable marketing campaign the company created, Intel succeeded in building brand awareness of microprocessors, meanwhile, it also gained a high reputation of customer and computer manufacturers which means Intel has a loyal customer group and stable partnerships. Besides, as the technology developing , Intel launched new microprocessor programs, such as Centrino and Classmate-PC, a number of new sub-brands appeared. As a result, the company's value continues to grow as well as influence the future of technology. Weaknesses: Opportunities: In the mid-2000s, opportunities showed in two new growth ares which are home entertainment and mobile devices respectively. In 2007, the demand of kid- friendly product offered the company another chance. In addition, with the development of smart phone and cell phone markets, more advanced and suitable microprocessors for smaller mobile devices are needed. Threats Competitors keep showing up. For example, IBM, AMD. The slump in the economy. Information security. Strategies: Intel should continually position itself as the leading microprocessor company worldwide. Firstly, maintain the speed of product development, especially in smart mobile devices. Secondly, improve the microprocessor compatibility among different types of computers and systems. Then, reduce the cost and expense, pay attention to a better financial statement. The last one is strengthen and expand brand awareness in international market. Make arduous efforts to attract attentions in the whole world since globalization is a key word in today's business strategy. Huge demands and investments from foreign areas cannot be
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