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Intel Compute Stick Migyel Hardy Kaplan University CM107 Professor Helmintoller April 22, 2015 Intel Compute Stick Even though companies are endeavoring to engender a better system for its users, Intel’s compute stick has more to offer when it comes to the pocket pc market because support's more than one OS and has different price points in the OS. Intel the number one semiconductor specialist in the world is jumping into the pocket computer market with their Intel Compute Stick. They are marketing a pocket computer that “resembles a USB stick in size” according to Eddy (2015) . They are getting into the market later this year but they are having quandaries with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and will not be offered for sale until sanction is obtained which the company is not verbalizing what the quandary is yet. The Compute Stick becomes available right after Google promulgated its Chromebit, which does the same thing but with Chrome OS. Both companies are a “knock-on from the development of smartphone technology” according to Segan (2015). All of the components here are smartphone components. The companies have just abstracted the cellular radios, and with them the desideratum to deal with vexing, controlling mobile-phone companies and federal regulators. Both company’s products are endeavoring to solve is that people want more Internet content on their TVs. People want to stream all of that stuff that we ken is out there, and thus be able to break liberate from overpriced cable TV. The Compute Stick by Intel is going to have an Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM and will have to options of storage 32GB and 64 GB that Google’s Chromebit will have the same 2GB of RAM but only 16GB of storage. The cost is around $89.00 for Ubuntu Linux and the cost for Windows 8.1 is around $150.00, which is not genuinely all that deplorable

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