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Integrity is such a simple word, but means so much. It has effected the life of many, including my mom and is continuing to shape mine. The definition of integrity, according to the dictionary, is to follow moral and ethical rules of conduct. In plain English to have integrity means to do the right thing all the time, no matter who is and isn't watching, and no matter what the consequences. Having integrity includes being honest, loyal, considerate, trustworthy, and courteous. Integrity has changed the life of my mom. After listening to her talk about integrity I really learned how important it is to be a person of integrity. She feels that it is extremely important for everyone to be a person of integrity so that she can trust people and what they say. My mom said she used to not show every much integrity but then she learned how important it really is to be a person of integrity. Now my mom shows a lot of integrity, she says that since she shows integrity she feels better about herself knowing she has done the right thing. Integrity has not only affected my moms life but it is also changing mine. When I was younger I didn't always show integrity, I would break promises and sometimes I would be mean and make fun of other kids. After awhile I realized how much this affected other people and how they acted towards me, I decided I needed to change so I chose to try and be a person of integrity. Showing integrity has made a big difference on my life. Now I have more real friends and people also treat me a lot better because I treat them well and with respect. Now I feel that people can trust me, rely on me, and see me as a person that will do the right thing. Integrity is a choice everyone has to make, but integrity will really affect your life in a positive way just like it has my moms life and

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