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Who is a person of integrity? It is one whose private person matches or exceeds his public person. It would do well for all people to remember this. For if we realize that true integrity is demonstrated in the small, private things, we will -- if indeed we really desire to be persons of integrity -- be forced to come to grips with who we really are. We will begin to notice how easy it is to walk past that trash on the floor, to pocket that quarter we find in the coin return, to fudge on our taxes, to drive by that stranded motorist, to postdate that check by a day, to park in that handicapped zone "just for a second," to hedge and cut corners and white-lie and shirk and procrastinate and do all those things that come so easy to human nature. Integrity is something deep and personal. It emanates from the core of a person's being. A person who desires it must calibrate his moral barometer so that it picks up the finest of signals. By observing these, there is hope that one can live a life of integrity. We must not forget to do the big things; society depends on the good deeds of its citizens. But we need to give substance to these public works with our daily behavior in its tiniest forms. This is the true test of integrity and this is ultimately our greatest gift to society. Integrity, by definition, means a code of expected moral, the quality or state of being complete or undivided, honesty, soundness, incorruptibility, or an unimpaired condition according to Webster’s Dictionary. A person’s character is ultimately defined by integrity, and character can be defined by what you do when no one else is around. It means abiding by unwritten rules for the sake of doing the right thing. A person with conviction will do right and has credibility with his peers. Integrity will also uphold the unity of a group; it is the backbone of efficiency. Those not upholding their

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