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Jordan Kraus 6 May 2015 Army Values 2.0: A Tale of Respect and Integrity In the recent past and far off past, I have always had trouble with Integrity and only recently Respect. Sometimes in life and more often than naught, any old person needs a good kicks to set him or her straight. To make sure they know what they did and where they are going. I see and understand why we do quarterly evaluation reports, since we often need reminders of if we are reaching our goals or falling behind. More often than others I usually need that kick or counseling to see the errors of my ways. The fear of having a superior tell you that you messed up and need to square yourself away. I haven’t felt that feeling since I was in Basic training nearly four years ago. I have missed it, things here in the Wildcat Battalion of become soft and complacent. It’s good to now the SFC Noble is bringing all the new cadets up to speed. Putting the fear of a NCO’s wraith in them. I have always needed a strong arm to guide me. In a few months I will be taking on the mantle of guiding people myself. I need to push through these last couple of weaknesses before I leave here. Which happens to be my Integrity and my Respect are my weakest Army Values and here’s how they impacted my life. Respect has been an odd values for me to understand, I was raised under the impression that I was never given any as a child. I grew up that way being mistreated as the runt of the littler in the family tree. I could always chalk that up to youthful arrogance, I have never thought about our cared at the time. I just knew as a kid that I wanted to be respected. Which is why I lashed out when I was younger, everyone remembers making themselves look stupid and arrogant to their older selves. I was a rebellious teens joy riding, defacing anything within reach, and shop lifting. When I

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