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Integrity Nicholas, T, Swain USMC In this essay I will be covering the meaning of integrity with the aid of references; I will also be discussing other points, for example why someone who normally holds themselves to a higher moral standard would allow a lapse in their integrity. What was I thinking when I experienced a lapse in my own integrity and how it has affected me positively and negatively. Why integrity is an essential part of a person’s character and, the importance of integrity to me. Why integrity is an integral trait to posses while serving in the Marine Corps. Integrity Integrity is defined as: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. The Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy states the following: "Integrity is one of the most important and oft-cited of virtue terms. It is also perhaps the most puzzling. For example, while it is sometimes used virtually synonymously with 'moral,' we also at times distinguish acting morally from acting with integrity. Persons of integrity may in fact act immorally-though they would usually not know they are acting immorally. Thus one may acknowledge a person to have integrity even though that person may hold importantly mistaken moral views.” Another source ( has this to say. “Of all the values we hold in life, integrity is the greatest value and moral that people can possess. Integrity is an ability in many ways because how you show your integrity and in what situations you show it also make a difference. If you are able to recognize the time and event where your integrity is very valuable, then you can become successful very quickly in life. If you want to learn this skill, then it should come from within. | To learn integrity, you should know what the meaning of integrity is. Integrity means being dependable and reliable. First of

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