Integrative Therapy Essay

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Integrative Psychotherapy Constructing Your Own Integrative Approach to Therapy INTRODUCTION A major emphasis of this book has been on help­ ing you construct your own integrated approach to psychotherapy. Research has indicated that psycho­ therapy is moving toward an integrated approach to therapy (Norcross, 2005b). Throughout the world, when you ask a psychologist or counselor what his or her theoretical orientation is, the most frequently given response is integrative or eclectic. It is highly likely that upon graduation from your training program, you will integrate one or more of the theories presented in this book.In fact, my own professional journey has resulted in my adoption of an integrated psychotherapy framework. This chapter explores in detail the integrative approach to therapy. The first part of this chapter traces psychology's historical development from emphasizing a single approach to therapy to the current integrative psychotherapy movement. In particular, I direct your attention toward multitheoretical approaches to psychotherapy integration. Jeff Brooks-Harris' (2008) multitheoretical psychotherapy framework is presented as a potential framework you might consider either using or modifying to develop your own integrated approach to therapy. After providing a foundation for an integra­ tive approach that is multitheoretical, I then move toward helping you construct your own personal integrative approach to therapy. After studying each of the various theories of psychotherapy pre­ sented in this book, it may be difficult for you to decide which approach seems to match best with your own personality, therapeutic style, and your methods of conceptualizing the many different types of life challenges people bring to therapy. How do you go about integrating or combining the best of several counseling
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