Integration of Mediation and Advocacy

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Integration of Mediation and Advocacy on a National Level Within The Human Service Agency of Planned Parenthood Carla Nelson BSHS/442-Advocacy and Mediation Elizabeth Thompson November 17, 2011 Integration of Mediation and Advocacy on a National Level 1 Human Service agencies are an important factor in areas of conflict; these agencies are often caught between the fundamental needs of mediation and advocacy. In the aspect of advocacy, they are expected to be supportive and stand up for the well-intentioned causes for human rights and the protection for those that are considered vulnerable groups. When looking at the mediation aspect the need arises to arbitrate between two groups that are looking to find a common ground within their issues between them. The mediator is responsible for providing a calm environment to support the outcome of a positive resolution. The role of mediation needs to be open-minded, unbiased and the mediator needs to be an honest individual with good ethics, so that the parties involved will be treated fairly and with respect. Considering the types of encounters, that human service workers face daily it is apparent that it is important to integrate the processes of mediation into their activities tis helps to keep things balanced and free from adverse effects. Advocacy is most commonly defined as one who uses communication abilities and professionalism to speak on or for the behalf of other individuals who cannot speak for themselves and to provide guidance in areas that are issues regarding things such as health and social concerns. Human service agencies have integrated advocacy in the services they provide in efforts to improve the quality of their services while influencing their targeted population and improving their lives. Another
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