Integration of Faith Essay

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Project Management Integration Of Faith Achieving your goal in project management allows you and your company to continuously receive future jobs and employment. Not achieving your goal could mean getting behind schedule or going over budget. In project management, your goal is to achieve your goal without doing either one. Nehemiah was sad that the city of Judah’s walls were crumbling, “lies waste, and its gates are burned with fire” (NKJV, 1982). His fathers’ tomb is there and it saddens him that the city is falling apart. Nehemiah has a goal, he presents the plan to the King, the King grants his wish, and Nehemiah gives the King a deadline. Nehemiah knows that he will need proof and asks the King to write him letters to give to the governors granting permission for the work and for them to give his supplies. Once he gets there he has a meeting with everyone and describes the plan. He starts working with his men and others follow suit. Once the work had begun the news traveled and others came out to help and starting repairing and rebuilding. Everyone stepped up and participated on the project. Not everyone obliged so they had to protect themselves while working at the same time, but they did not let them stop them. God was protecting them. Nehemiah achieved his goal and all of the workers achieved their goals. Some just completed small areas, but the goals were achieved and every bit of participation helps. The workers were spread out working on the walls and gates, Nehemiah told them; “Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us” (NKJV, 1982). This was his way of protecting them, getting them together for meetings, pulling them all together. This was the fastest method of communication. Communication is very important in project management. Nehemiah heard that those that opposed
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