Integration Faith and Interaction Essay

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Integrating Faith and Learning David Stevenson VU-100 Foundation for Christian Learning January 28, 2013 Christian college is distinctive in that the Christian faith can touch the entire range of life and learning to which a liberal education exposes students. (Holmes, 1987, p.45) The purpose of this essay is to show why the integration of faith and learning is so important to the “Christian College” environment. Christian Faith enables them to see all things in relationship to God as their Creator, Redeemer, and Lord and from this central focal point integrating views emerges. (Holmes, 1987, p.57) Does our faith matter when it comes to the learning process? Going to College online gives the student a chance to be who they really are openly. Now for a non-Christian fitting in on a Christian campus, trying to have a relationship with God can be tuff. In the midst of being homes ick, wanting to make friends, Christian and non-Christian students go through similar things. The world has painted the college life out to be a life of sex, drugs, and parties; that’s far from being true. Professor R. Brombaugh stated: “We are doing an increasingly more crucial job of awakening a sense of responsibility in our students. Sometimes they feel this responsibility toward society, sometimes toward their own authenticity. But we are doing nothing at all to explain this schizophrenic change in the conception of reality that varies with each move between classrooms. We are upset by the attempts of our students to retain some intellectual integrity: by apathy, by indiscriminate activism, by distrust of an intelligence and authority that has set them a puzzle they must solve, with pieces that cannot be fitted together into any solution. (R. Brombaugh, 1966) (Holmes, 1987 p.58) So, does our faith matter when it come too learning? No, it doesn’t. For the Christian or

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