High Performance Team Case Study

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1(a). To be compared with Team Leadership Model, for Hernandez, I think the challenges fall into the development or process part. Due to the September 11 and economic downturn, Hernandez’s clients have reduced their staff. The situation make Hernandez and team to do some tasks which previously done by the client’s staff. With the limited budget and human resources, Hernandez need new strategy to make his company both survive and retain his client with good quality of services. That is why he needs to restructure his team in order to adapt to new situation. His team has to be equipped with more skills and knowledge to meet the customer’s demand. He also should think how the best way to make his employee feel appreciated, one of the way is by…show more content…
I think the company output should composed by three components that Ginnett define as High Performance Team. The team should have a productive output with high quality services to their clients. They can deliver all the creative and demands of the clients on time which fulfill the company’s standard and satisfy the clients. They should have more integrated approach to service their client. Besides external output to the client, the team itself can improve their ability as each individual and complement each other as a team. It also improves their knowledge and skills and increases their experiences in handling different situation from the client and makes them learn for future task. Not only as a team, but also as individual who compose a team, each individual should feel an equal treatment and chances to learn and growth in their skills and capabilities. Each individual of the team feels appreciated with what they have been doing, the rewards not only by monetary system, however it also can be compliment from their leaders or promotion to have better position. The company itself also should survive with the financial condition, while at the same time they should maintain the reputable image in front of its

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