Integrated Network Design for Riordan Mfr. Essay

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Integrative Network Design Project for Riordan Manufacturing Integrative Network Design Project for Riordan Manufacturing The objective of this paper is to provide an explanation of the communication protocols, and network architecture as well as traffic analysis, latency, jitter, and response time regarding transmitting data into a computer. The project team will talk about types of elements that affect data and delay transmitting data to its destination. For instance, a satellite communication can add a large amount of latency because it takes a long time for a packet to travel across the link. The top management at Riordan Manufacturing Company, Inc., an architectural firm, was aware of the project whereby the team would upgrade its Wide Area Network (WAN) and network security system. The developers will explain the Open System Interconnection (OSI) and TCP/IP, describing layers of communication. Explain the Importance of Communication Protocols” With Riordan’s computers or network devices, the communication among the sites is critical. A protocol must be implemented to enable effective, efficient communication by using a set of rules. Protocols are also described as hardware or software components that carry out the OSI model guidelines for transferring information on a network (Goleniewski, 2007). A communications protocol describes the rules for sending blocks of data—each known as a Protocol Data Unit (PDU)—from one node in a network to another node (Goleniewski, 2007). A recommendation for Riordan’s development project is implementation of a protocol that is expressed by a layer of the OSI reference model. The OSI model will ensure that the networking strategy can work together over a network. “Identify Protocols in Your Design and Provide Rationale for Your Decision” Each manufacturing site often had incompatibilities among product lines and even

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