Integrated Marketing Communications

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This essay will focus on the concept of relationship marketing as the crucial aspect of Integrated Marketing Communications, and how today’s economic environment requires an exceptional connection between a brand and its consumer. Nike’s goals and methods provide a good example of how IMC works well when plans and preparations are executed in a consistent manner. The marketing concept is mainly about effectively managing markets in a complex economic environment. Marketing is used to gain a competitive advantage and engage in brand differentiation, those brands that are able to identify both the needs and wants of consumers as well as the evolving consumer environment, and then transfer this knowledge and provide value to the consumer in the best way will lead their brand to sales and success. The most important aspect of marketing is precisely the communication of value, which should describe clearly the difference between the value the customer gains from owing and using a product or service as well as the cost of obtaining it. The industry as a whole is evidently highly competitive as the average consumer is exposed to about three thousand marketing messages every single day (Bharat & Shachar, 2009). Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the concept that best describes the way in which businesses and companies should conduct their marketing activities as to capture and captivate the largest number of consumers in their target market, as well as consumers outside their target market. IMC is a fairly new phenomenon, emerging out of the 21st century, however, its application has already helped many brands reach success (Sshultz, 2008). More specifically IMC is defined as “a communication process that entails planning, integration and implementation of diverse forms of marcom (advertisements, sales promotions, publicity releases, events, etc.) that

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