Integrated Marketing Communications Essay

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“Experience the Difference” campaign for Electron Tablet PCs Electron is a new brand which seeks to establish itself in the highly competitive and fast growing market of Tablet PCs. Being a new entrant; it faces a lot of competition from the Tablet PCs of various well-established big brands. Let us develop an Integrated Marketing Communication campaign for Electron Tablet. The campaign is named – “Experience the Difference” because Electron must differentiate itself from its competitors to be successful. Electron needs an effective marketing communication throughout all the channels (online/offline) so that all marketing efforts like PR, Advertising, Sales Promotion etc. are coordinated to increase brand awareness. The campaign will focus on young generation of age 18-34 to start with. The marketing budget will be set at a level that the company can afford. The following promotional tools will be used in this campaign to make the most efficient use of the available budget. 1. Advertising – This will build brand image and will help stimulate short-term sales. This is also necessary because consumers perceive advertised goods as more legitimate. Television ads, newspapers and business magazines will be used. Outdoor advertising will include hoardings and billboards across public places. Pamphlets and catalogs will also be used. 2. Direct Marketing – This will include telephone marketing, direct mail and online marketing. 3. Public Relations – This will include news stories, news features, events and sponsorships. This tool is important because it reaches many prospects missed via other forms of promotion. 4. Sales Promotion – This will be done by offering strong purchase incentives and conducting quiz contests and offering discounts to the winners. The company will also look to tie-up with ecommerce sites like Snapdeal, Crazeal etc. and give offers
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