Integrated Marketing Communications Essay

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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS The purpose of marketing communication is to effectively inform consumers about the benefits and values of the company’s products, thereby influencing their attitudes and buying behavior. The need to be cost effective, to be customer driven, to deliver the best quality and to deliver that quality quickly are some of today’s global realities .The challenge of effectively executing this strategy across India and Vietnam is the reason why the marketing team has chosen to use the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Strategy that will be covered in this paper. After careful research the team decided to go with the promotional mix such as advertising and sales promotions. This paper will consider these IMC elements; the similarities and differences to be implemented in both countries and the reason behind the choices. Advertising This is a paid form of communicated that persuades the people in a market area to take some action. Now the company will be using global advertising for their basic water products in both countries in addition to other regional campaigns. This will offer the company economies of scale in advertising as well as improving its distribution channels. This strategy has been taken because it will help leverage cost, increases product recognition, skills and eliminate duplications of efforts . Water is a vital basic necessity needed in both countries especially in the villages and inter-lands therefore it’s would be a smart move to have the same ads in such areas. With the raising middle class population, literates and the commonality of English language in both countries as noted in previous research, its make good business sense to have a global ad for both markets. However, when it comes to the soft drinks and nutrient water products a more regional campaign will be used, however still maintaining the
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