Integrated Marketing Communication Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communication Fiat 500 Abarth 2) Identify the following about the advertisement. Make sure to explain your answers (i.e. make sure to convey the reasons why you believe your answer is correct.) a) Which advertising theory does it utilize? The advertising theory would be labeled under taglines. In the Fiat ad there is really only one sentence in English and it is, “The Fiat 500 Abarth, you will never forget the first time you see one”. This phrase is said and then you see the car driving aggressively, drifting around a corner and not just looking good. Fiat uses a memorable tagline with a seductive voice to play off of the supermodel appeal from before. b) Which appeal does it use? This advertisement uses sex appeal to draw in the consumer’s attention. It really throws the viewer off when you think the man is going in for a kiss from the supermodel, but it’s really not a girl and actually a car. The ad uses a sexual suggestiveness by replacing the car with a supermodel and showing how the man gets lost in her sexiness. This ad is designed to blow away the man with how good the girl/car looks and then how it drives. c) What message strategy does it use? In this advertisement the message strategy used is the affective strategy. The affective strategy invokes feelings or emotions that match those feelings with the product. Affective strategies elicit emotions that, in turn, lead the consumer to act, preferably by buying the product, and subsequently affecting the consumer’s reasoning process. Fiat uses the supermodel to raise the attention of the viewer, then she is speaking in Italian which throws the viewer off because they don’t understand what she is saying (Fiat is an Italian brand), her sex appeal heightens the emotion of the viewer, and then they find out that the supermodel was
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