Integrated Marketing Essay

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Starbucks is marketing through an integrated channel. Starbucks does it marketing through retail stores, digital and print components and social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Starbucks has also its own site to cater to customers’ need of information. It is marketing through sites in a way that it can be viewed from mobile phone easily. All sites of Starbucks are mobile friendly. To extend the reach of Starbucks site virally option of ‘Follow’ is there on its site. Giveaways are also an important component of Starbucks marketing strategy. This strategy is followed in stores to attract and retain customers. Social media outlets and the Starbucks website are complementing each other. They are tied in to promotion to help spread word of Starbucks. Facebook page of Starbucks currently has 34 million likes which reflect that customers are very much influenced by it. Starbucks new products are promoted through coupons which always persuade customers to try it. To follow an integrated marketing campaign Starbucks value birthdays of its customers. A system is maintained in Starbucks for recording data of birthday of their customers. This record helps them in wishing their customers on their birthday. On birthday of their customers they send a post card. This postcard is redeemable for a free drink. Starbucks also give some suggestion of sharing this event with social circle of customer. In this way customer serve as a PR influencer for Starbucks. Starbucks also does its promotion through various apps on social media. These apps give awareness about the product to customers, offer them rewards and give them a chance to send e-cards to friends and family. Facebook ads are also ran by Starbucks to drive users to these Facebook apps and Facebook page and increase awareness of different products among fans who did not see Starbucks’ posts in their newsfeeds. Tweeter is one
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