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Integral Life Practice Mind Module Question: How can applying an Integral Perspective impact my relationship with money? Many people start out the New Year making resolutions. We resolve to change a habit, learn something new, stop doing something bad, or start doing something good. One of the resolutions that I attempted to make this year was to start saving money. My goal: build a $1000 rainy day fund. Needless to say, we are through the first quarter of the year and my rainy day fund is as dry as our weather has been this winter. Could applying the ideas and perspectives presented in The Integral Vision by Ken Wilber help me to change my relationship with money and thereby improve my fiscal fitness? I decided to keep a two week journal and examine three key aspects of my relationship with money: how I earn it, how I spend it, and how I save it. A first step for me was to use the AQAL to examine some of the ideas and beliefs that I originally held about money. I used the 1 Minute Module on page 185 of The Integral Approach to come up with the following table. I (Self and Consciousness) I worry about having enough. I think about ways that I can use money to help others. I fantasize about being a philanthropist. I believe that we live in a world of abundance. IT (Brain and Organism) Income – potential to earn is affected by lack of employment opportunity and education WE (Culture and Worldview) Growing up around affluence. Haves and Have Not’s. Reparations??? Middle class values. American dream. All it takes is hard work! ITS (Social System and Environment) Conservative Democrat. Welfare system. School System. As you can see my level of consciousness around how I relate to money was initially rather “shallow.” For the first few days of tracking the way that I spent, earned, and saved there was not much for me to

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