Insurgency Essay

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Insurgency and Counterinsurgency( Professor Bruce Hoffman Office Location: 208 Mortara Bldg Class Number: SEST-520 Office Phone Number: (202) 687 7847 Class Meets: Mondays, 5:00-7:30pm Classroom: HEALY 106 Office Hours: Tuesdays4:00-6:00PM—and by appointment E-mail: Introduction/Course Description This course examines the dynamics of insurgency (a distinct variant of guerrilla warfare) and counterinsurgency (the government response). It has been crafted with America’s recent and current involvement in both Afghanistan and Iraq in mind and therefore is intended to acquaint students with the nature, dimensions and history of insurgency and counterinsurgency both past and present, and by doing so to establish a solid foundation upon which further expertise can be built and analytical capabilities with respect to future eventualities developed. The course considers a wide range of questions in order to provide students with a deeper understanding of the evolution of insurgent strategy and tactics over time and the development of government counterinsurgency doctrine. Among the questions it examines are: What is insurgency and how does it differ from guerrilla warfare and terrorism? How have insurgent strategies and tactics changed over time? Who are the foremost ideological and doctrinal proponents of insurgency and why? Who are the foremost counterinsurgency practitioner-theorists? Why does insurgency succeed or fail? How can an insurgency best be fought? Why is the wheel seemingly always reinvented in counterinsurgency? Specifically, the course will analyze both the effectiveness of insurgency as a means to achieve political change and the challenges faced by the liberal democratic state in responding to insurgent campaigns and challenges. Course Learning Objectives Students who complete this course will have
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