Insurance Matrix Essay

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Associate Level Material Appendix E Insurance Matrix Type of Insurance Functions Example of Company Coverage Characteristics Auto Auto insurance is to protect you if there is a accident or incident involving a automobile it can pay for damages ,or injuries to you and your vehicle occur State farm, geico, safe auto, american family, all state, progressive, and nationwide etc… Auto Insurance covers if there is an accident, fire, theft, even storm damage, also medical cost if acquired in auto. It will cover cost or replace vehicle if can’t repair, and medical expenses for you or passengers. Liability covers the other driver if it is your fault. Collision covers you in the event of accident or if the other driver is not insured. Comprehensive coverage covers all other damages(vandalism theft etc…) beside collisions or auto accidents Home Home insurance protects you and your home from damages theft or vandalism. It pays for damages or replacement of items lost, stolen, or damaged. Nationwide, progressive, geico, state farm, all state etc… Home insurance covers if there is an accident, fire, theft, vandalism, and storm damage etc... It will cover cost to replace items damaged or stolen and home if needed. It also can cover medical for injuries to you or some one else injured on your property. Coverage that relates to liability situations and physical damage of property. Health Health insurance will offset the cost of major health issues, wellness, and sick visits. It will pay the bulk of the expenses when treatment is needed. Anthem blue cross and blue shield, Quantum health, aarp, Medicare etc… Health insurance will cover the cost of doctors visits, hospital visits, and stays, surgery, and prescriptions after your co pay and, or deductibles must be paid also before they will pay off. Also coinsurance is a percentage is paid by the insured once the insurer

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