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Suggestions for November eNewesletter Title: Shut Up and Drive! On the Road Again: Driving Safety Tips For You and Your Family We hear it on the news or read it in the newspaper every day; another person’s life was taken from them in an auto accident. In 2010, 32,788 people lost their lives on the roadways in the U.S., which equates to 90 lost lives every day. Do you realize that the most important safety feature in your car is “you”? We want to help keep you and your family safe behind the wheel. [Click here] to learn more about our crash course on auto safety. Protect Yourself as Well as Your Wallet! Did you know it pays to be a safe driver? [Click here] to view “A Consumer’s Guide To Insurance Points” provided by the N.C. Department of Insurance and learn how to protect your wallet. Oh Deer… Remember the old Bugsy Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons, and the two creatures trying desperately to confuse Elmer Fudd about what season it was? Maybe old Elmer wasn’t so concerned about Deer season because he didn’t have an automobile. While a crash involving a deer can happen at any time, the majority of deer-vehicle collisions occur between the months of October and December, when deer activity increases due to the mating and hunting seasons. Incidents are most common during the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., when deer movement increases and limited lighting makes it more difficult for motorists to see them on or near roads. [Click here] for suggestions from the NCDOT for motorists to avoid being in a deer-vehicle collision. Links• Slow down in posted deer crossing areas and heavily wooded areas, especially during the dark hours of fall; • Drive with high beams on, when possible, and watch out for eyes reflecting in the headlights; • Remember that deer often travel in groups, so do not assume that all is clear if one deer has already

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