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Insulin Pumps People with diabetes always love learning about a new product that can help reduce their hbA1c. HbA1c is a three month average of blood glucose control. Keeping hbA1c under control is very important so patients with diabetes avoid serious problems in the future. The three articles summarize new experiments that have to do with lowering the hbA1c level with insulin pumps. There are many pros and cons in these articles about how the insulin pump or shots can improve patients care. Insulin pumps can considerably reduce hbA1c levels in patients with type I diabetes and reduce the risk of overall diabetes related complications. Shauna S. Roberts, with the Diabetes Forecast discusses how insulin pumps and shots can have the same level of control. Roberts talks about what method is best for blood sugar control, the pump or shots? According to her article, in the past pumps were recommended for people who could not control their blood sugar with three to four shots a day. She lists the pro and cons of choosing between the pump and shots, such as: cost, training, maintenance and life-style. Roberts explains about the Diabetes Care study, which is a nine month test to find out which method lowers hbA1cs, helps prevent hypoglycemia, and better quality of life. She explains about new types of insulin such as the fast-acting insulin called Lispro, which mimic the body’s natural insulin response. Researchers claim with Lispro you have equally good control over diabetes (22). Satish K. Garg and William V. Tamborlane, wrote an article in the Family Practice News explaining their experiments. The two professors have difference of opinions with the outcome of their trials, but one reason could be the key difference and that was Garg did the test with adults and Tamborlane used young patients. Dr. Satish K Garg is one of the professors of medicine and pediatrics at

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