Insufferable Guilt Essay

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Insufferable guilt, which turned into folly in In Act 2 scene 2,shows who has the real guts to do what it takes with a clear conscience and not be guilty for what has been done. Shakespeare reveals the differences in characters between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth by letting her Start of this scene. Though to some this may seem like nothing, with the Lady starting off this scene you get the sense that she is the driving force behind this scheme. This Act is the main pilot behind everything to come, as this where we see how the two characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are so much more different than we ever thought, as you see who has the guts to do what and who is guilt-free in this scene. In lines (23-32) Where Macbeth is unsure and quite guilty of what he has done, the Lady is disciplined and clearly in control as she feel that they have achieved some thing great by killing the king, now they can finally reach the top. More like Lady Macbeth can be more than a wife and a mother; she can be a Queen. This scene equally shows how remorseful Macbeth is for what he has done whereas Lady Macbeth the mastermind is calculating and conniving and expects all to go right if her husband mans up to his responsibilities. In this act it is clear that Macbeth is guilt-ridden after the horrendous deed he has done by killing the king Duncan. As a result of that he realizes what he has done is of the devil since he cant even say the holy word “Amen” as said in lines 29-32. Here you see Macbeth as weak and unreliable and really conscience-wise because he knows what he has done is terribly wrong unlike lady Macbeth, who seems not to care and is more interested in making sure that they didn’t fail in their attempt to kill Duncan. Another example of Macbeth’s guilt would be line 38-39 where he says,”Methought I heard a voice cry. ‘Sleep no more: Macbeth does murder sleep…. This quote

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