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+ 00 W. Parkway Dr. & Old Shell Rd. (In Lavretta Park) Phone: 460-41 No classes on holidays: Jan. 17, Mar. 7 & 8, May 30 Instructors: Gail Chryslee; Anne Henkel; Kathe Kutzman ADult clAsses Call 460-41 or email for Gail Chryslee’s Supply lists. 01-902 OILS & ACRYLICS FOR BEGINNERS This class covers the basics while exploring several painting techniques. Instructor: Gail Chryslee Classical Techniques: Mon. 9am-11am, Jan. 10-Feb. 8; 7 classes $4 Contemporary Techniques: Mon. 9am-11am, Mar. 1-May 9; 8 classes $48 01-926D ExPLORING DRAWING Drawings can be art forms in t h e m s e l ve s and not just preliminary work for paintings. Learn how to create complex and expressive drawings while developing a personal style & learning advanced techniques. Some classes will be outdoors during the Nature class. Instructor: Gail Chryslee Expressive Drawing: Mon. 9am-11am, Jan. 10-Feb. 8; 7 classes $4 Drawing Nature: Mon. 9am-11am, Mar. 1-May 9; 8 classes $48 01-902B ADVANCED & INTERMEDIATE OIL & ACRYLIC PAINTING For more experienced painters seeking to advance skills & develop a personal style. Students may work on their own projects while participating in class techniques or participate in class exercises. Instructor: Gail Chryslee Wed., 9am-11am, Jan. 1-Mar. ; 8 classes $48 Wed., 9am-11am, Mar. 3-May 11; 8 classes $48 01-902C COMPOSITION FOR PAINTERS For any painting media, beginners & advanced. Learn how to compose stronger paintings & pull the viewer into your work. We’ll unlock the basic compositional rules, addressing focal points, balance, rhythm, & figure ground relationships. Instructor: Gail Chryslee Wed., 1pm-3pm, Jan. 1-Mar. , 8 classes Art InstructIonAl center 01-936 WATERCOLOR FOR ALL LEVELS Learn the secrets of one of art’s most rewarding & expressive art forms. Beginners will cover the basics in class room

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