Instructions for Oral Presentation

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To: All employees From: Human Resource Assistant Subject: Instructions Document for Oral Presentation Date: 6/22/2014 Dear Employees: I am sending a document containing instructions on how to do an oral presentation effectively. Many department head have been complaining about employees not being very effective communicators when they do an oral presentation. Presentations are very essential in the business world because they can make or break a business deal so our employees must be at their absolute when performing an oral presentation in front business co-workers, upper management, and associates. The document will focus on how to prepare and organize the oral presentation, and how to perform the presentation. A great deal of work is done doing the preparation, and the performance is more about how to most effectively carry out the presentation. I have spent several weeks putting this document together. I’m committed like EASY-TO-BE-GREEN is to making our employees the best that they can be. I look forward to hearing excellent compliments on employee presentations from department heads moving forward. Happy reading, and good luck. Sincerely, Derek Savage I. Preparing the Oral Presentation a. Have a clear and defined central theme for the presentation. b. Know your audience by doing research to gather data about their ages, education-levels, attitudes, values, and specific interest and needs because want the presentation to beneficial to them. c. Understand how you want present the presentation. d. Choose a presentation type that is most appropriate: i. Handouts ii. Boards and Flip charts iii. Overhead projections iv. Electronic presentation v. 35 mm vi. Physical models and objects e. Prepare design of visual aids to support the theme of the presentation. f. Limit number of visual aids.
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