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Step-By-Step Instructions for the ‘Super’ Pump For the user to obtain maximum results from the use of the pump, the user must adhere to the following instructions. 1. The pump is a manually operated machine used for irrigation: meaning that the effort of the user is required for the machine to function. 2. The user should first ensure that a source of water is within the piece of land to be irrigated. The source can either be a river, a well or a dam. 3. Ensure that the machine is well fitted and stands on a flat surface so as to prevent the user from falling out during the time of irrigation. It also prevents the machine from being damaged. 4. Connect the first pipe that goes into the water source and dip it inside the water source, with the tools that are included in the package. Remember the machine will only be able to pump water not more than seven meters below the earth’s surface. 5. Connect the second hose pipe that goes to the field. The pressure hose pipe should not exceed 200 meters in length. This will ensure that sufficient pressure reaches the sprinklers. 6. At the end of the pressure hose pipe connect five rotating sprinklers to be used to rain water on the vegetation. The sprinklers should be placed at a considerable distance from each other, that is, they should not be crowded in one point. This will cause over watering in the area. If you find an area is becoming over watered you may adjust the sprinklers at any time. 7. In case there are no sprinklers the user may opt to seek the assistance of one individual who will hold the end of the hose pipe and move around irrigating the crops like a water hose. 8. When all the pipes have been connected, the user can now climb on the leg stand pedals of the machine and hold the hands support. 9. The user will begin by pressing the right leg pedal down. This will exert

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