Instructional Strategies Essay

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Instructional Unit Topic Geology: Earth Minerals PA Standards Written to Use Technology Integration * 3.1.2.A9 Distinguish between scientific fact and opinion. * Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events. * Understand that all scientific investigations involve asking and answering questions and comparing the answer with what is already known. * Plan and conduct a simple investigation and understand that different questions require different kinds of investigations. * Use data/ evidence to construct explanations and understand that scientists develop explanations based on their evidence and compare them with their current scientific knowledge. * Communicate procedures and explanations giving priority to evidence and understanding that scientists make their results public, describe their investigations so they can be reproduced, and review and ask questions about the work of other scientists. | * Use simple equipment (tools and other technologies) to gather data and understand that this allows scientists to collect more information than relying only on their sense to gather information. * Use illustrations found via the web to show examples of what Scientific Facts and Opinions are. * Make a video presentation of you performing a scientific investigation. * Gather information via kid friendly websites to answer questions about information. * Use Kid Pix to create a physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object Helps it function as needed to solve a Problem. ●Create a power point presentation showing the properties of the different types of rocks and soil. | Engineering DesignK-2-ETS1-1. Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about
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