Institutional Aggresion Essay

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Institutional aggression Instututional aggression is thought to be caused by situational forces which are factors present in social situations which can collectively encourage aggressive and anti-social behaviour that would otherwise not be seen. Institution usually refers to an organisation or place of confinement with its own social roles where behaviour is formally restricted and under the control of specific staff. Examples of institutions include the armed forces, boarding schools, prisons, mental institutions, and the work place. These are places with a strict rule set up that gives little free choice to its members. Institutional aggression can be defined as aggressive behaviour that occurs within an institution motivated by social forces, rather than anger or frustration. Aggression can occur within groups or between groups. Sometimes the members of an institution may adopt aggressive behaviour, for example inmates in a prison may form into gangs that commit violence against other inmates, or members of a work force may bully other workers. Of interest to psychologists is whether or not institutional aggression is caused by the personalities of the institution’s members, or by the situation the members find themselves in. A lot of research into institutional aggression has focused on aggressive behaviour in prisons, and has led to the development of two theories: the importation model and the deprivation model. Phychologists have proposed two majour explanations for aggresion between prioners and Prisons. Interpersonal factors (Importation model) and Situational factors (Deprivation Model). The importation model (Irwin and Cressey, 1962) This explanation focuses on the personality characteristics that prison inmates take into the prison with them. For example inmates with values, attitudes, experiences, and social
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