Instances of Personal and Institutional Discrimination Essay

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Instances of Personal and Institutional Discrimination Rochelle Robinson SW 3110 Diversity Oppression and Social Justice February 6, 2013 The purpose of this paper is to discuss personal and institutional discrimination. It will entail incidents in my life in which I was the victim and the perpetrator of discrimination or prejudice. I will also discuss institutional discrimination as it relates to an area of social work practice. My personal experience with discrimination was when I was an employee at MetLife Insurance Company. Throughout my years of employment with MetLife, I thought it was the best place to work until I had to report directly to Jon. Initially, Jon appeared to be fair when it came to his employees and decisions he made as a supervisor. As part of my development plan I decided to take on special projects which would require me to work directly with Jon. Things started out pretty cool until I decided to apply for a new position in a different department within the corporation. I went through a few interviews with management and was notified that I was not selected for the position. I figured that I wouldn’t sweat it and continued working on the special project. Another opportunity presented itself for me to advance into the department in which I was doing the special project so I applied for the position. I did not get that position either so I requested feedback from the hiring manager. When I met with the hiring manager he advised that I was not given the position based on negative feedback from Jon. I met with Jon about his comments to the hiring manager and with nervousness in his voice he explained the feedback he gave. He couldn’t fully explain why he would speak negatively about me as an employee. The only thing Jon could tell me was he did not think I would follow-up

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